16 January 2009

mid-january garden itch

Alan called last night and left a message for me on my cell phone.

“J, I was looking at the White Flower Farm catalog today, and I saw a bunch of really nice pink dahlias that I think would look amazing in your garden.”

And so the garden bug of 2009 is transmitted.

I thought I might avoid catching it this year until at least early February. The catalogs have been arriving, and I’ve been making space for them in the magazine holder. But I haven’t had the desire to sit down and really go through them yet.

And frankly I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on plants this year; I want to work with what I’ve already got . . .

But when a good friend calls and says he has seen something he thinks would “fit” you, you owe it to him to take a look. And to consider what he might like.

So, I called and left him a message: “Alan. Bluestone Perennials catalog. Gaillardia ‘Amber Wheels.’ You need this in your garden.” (Truth? I probably need it in mine, too.)

(The dahlias offered by the folks at White Flower Farm this year are on pages 74–79 of their catalog, however, Alan thought I’d like the Shades of Pink dahlia collection; the Gaillardia I like is on page 28 of the Bluestone Perennials catalog. Nice.)

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  1. For the past 5 years (at least) I say that I am not buying much new this year and am instead going to divide what I have, trade with others etc, but each year I am lured by the lovely plants in the dozens of catalogs that arrive in my mailbox, this year I am lusting after all the wonderful new hybrid coral bells with their beautiful foliage in many hues.