13 January 2009

cold is coming

And what zone did I say we were? Zone 5? If the temperature this week doesn’t go below –20°F, then we’re still zone 5, and some of those pretty zone 5 plants I’ve got in the ground may be all right, snug as they are under the snow. If it dips to –25°F, I stand to lose my Miscanthus, butterfly bush, Japanese anemones, and others. It will be a bloodbath.

Just clicked on over to weather.com and saw that International Falls, Minnesota, is reporting a nippy –17°F, with a windchill of –29°F!!! Shiver me timbers!

And it’s headed our way . . .


  1. It seems that most of the country is pushing its zone designation this week. Stay warm.


  2. For sure. Interesting winter. Hope you stay warm, too.

  3. Anonymous2:02 PM

    The cold is headed our way, too -- you can keep it there, if you would. Hee. Love the photo and poem...the world really is one color this time of year.

  4. Anonymous12:18 AM

    And we zone 7 gardens are now in the 5. It is 10 degrees here with our normal being 40ish. I hope you don't lose your flowers. What a shame and expensive.

  5. Nancy, I sang a setting of this haiku a few years back, and remembered the words and the way the hills look on certain cold days in winter. Seemed fitting.

    FGG, well, YIKES! with the cold. It's cold here today, but not as cold as tomorrow is going to be! Bundle up! If we lose some plants, that's the price we pay for our optimism. And there are worse things to be than optimistic, eh?

  6. Beautiful photo Jared!

  7. Thanks, garden grrrl! I took it from the corner of the vegetable garden on a cold afternoon.