24 January 2009

blotanical: let me count the ways

The main reason I created my blog was so that I would have a place to write down and remember what was going on in B’s and my gardens. I didn’t want the lessons we learned about growing things in our Zone 4/5 garden one year to be forgotten by the next. At that initial point back in 2007 I considered Pleasant Hill Rambles to be an online gardening journal we could both consult.

I told a few friends about it, and they would check in now and again, but the knowledge I felt I was gleaning from our digging and planting wasn’t as important to them as it was to me.

And I craved feedback from and contact with other gardeners.

So I did searches on Google for gardening sites and blogs and found a few I really liked, including Garden Voices, which was The List of garden blogs for me for a little while. I’d click through posts, bookmark blogs I really liked, and then go back and visit them, leaving a comment here and there.

At some point in early 2008, I became aware of Blotanical, perhaps through Nancy Bond at Soliloquy. It sounded really interesting to me, this community of blogs that I could join and participate in on a blog-by-blog basis or through the built-in messaging feature. So I joined!

Since then, I’ve met a bunch of wonderful gardening friends, garnered some very helpful feedback on projects I plan, and found my way to dozens and dozens of blogs I probably wouldn’t ever have visited if they weren’t also members of the Blotanical community.

I think it’s this last feature I’m most grateful for. Whenever I log on, I visit the Current List of picks first, then click over to New Garden Blog Posts, and I always find something new and interesting to read.

For example, in the last 24 hours through Blotanical I did the following:
I could go on.

Blotanical, of course, is not just a networking tool for garden bloggers. You don’t have to have a garden blog to join. You only have to have an interest in gardening locally, nationally, or internationally.

A huge thank you to the members of the Blotanical community for providing such interesting and useful things to read, and to Blotanical and Stuart for creating this wonderful online community!


  1. Blotanical is a really super user friendly place for finding like minded folks-gardeners. I like it very much too for those same reasons. Took me a while to get going though.

  2. Jared ! My goodness I haven't seen a post by you in a while .. I thought maybe you were hibernating : )
    Have you thought of 3 plants to take to a desert island mission yet ? Shirl's Garden Watch put the challenge together and it has been fun : )
    Glad to see you back !
    You can find the link on my last post if you are interested .. if not, no worries : )

  3. Tina, I have it down somewhat to a system. Still some kinks that Stuart has to work out, but I think it's a great way to meet gardeners, like you!

    ZZZZZZZZ... hey, wha'? Oh, Joy! I HAVE been hibernating . . . but since October or November? Seems appropriate, I guess! I haven't yet thought of three, but I've got my cogitatin' cap on.

    Thanks for stopping by, you two!

  4. Great post Jared. I loved the way you honoured the posts that inspired you recently and the reasons why. All the best with this great gardening journal.

  5. Thanks, Stuart! Cheers to Blotanical!

  6. Hey Jared - thanks for the shout-out! I'm very grateful for Blotanical, too. Nice to meet you and your blog!

  7. Yes, yes, yes! You are my hero! You solved the mistery! The plant I was asking about is Silene armeria! I am 100% sure - it looks exactly like mine, I checked several sites, including Wikipedia, and fits descriptions.

  8. Did you earn your red star J?

  9. (ding ding ding dong)

    Teacher says: Every time a bell rings, a blotanist earns his star!

  10. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Excellent, excellent post, J! This community really is the best and I'm very happy you're a part of it. :)

  11. Nancy, I'm so happy I found you all!

  12. Thank you, Jared, for the call-out and for appreciating my casserole! our friend Ben, Richard Saunders, and I (Silence Dogood) feel that way about Blotanical, too: If we hadn't discovered it, we'd mostly be talking to ourselves. Bless Stuart and all our good friends at Blotanical (including you!) for talking back!!!