10 January 2009

barn and crabapples

I went north just for the day yesterday to take care of some necessary business at the house. Flowergardengirl said she missed the barn through the seasons, and I realized I hadn’t added any new images to the slideshow for a very long time, so after I filled the birdfeeders, I stood in the driveway and took another photograph of the barn. It’s now part of the cycle to the left.

Then I stepped back and took a shot of the barn from under the low canopy of a crabapple tree near the house. The frozen crabapples were roughly the same color as the barn, but on such a dark day, you can’t see that very well. So I lightened things to bring out the color. Might be a little TOO light, but I still like the effect (click on the picture to open it in a new window; you can see the colors better there).

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