24 January 2009

apply as needed

More on De La Vega here.Link


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Wow - what an inspiring article and an inspiring man. I came to the conclusion a few years ago that life is just a series of *moments* - that it's not meant to be inhaled or gobbled down all at once. Every moment is special...more special than we think. :) Thanks for this wonderful reminder, J.

  2. I realized after I posted this that I run the risk of looking like one of those "I iz kyute" cat people, but Wilbur was sitting in the window doing his Wilbur thing, and it seemed like a good moment to get. B actually picked up one De La Vega's phrases for me, and I look at it constantly. A good reminder always.

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Wilbur looks like he's in deep contemplation himself. :)

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

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    - Nancy