01 January 2009

2009 comes in with a bang

Note to selves: When the inside of the microwave oven needs to be cleaned, best to stick to a damp cloth or, if there’s a lot of crud on the walls, heating a bowl full of water to create some steam to soften the gunk, that sort of thing. Not that our microwave ever gets that dirty, hee hee.

We tell you this because that’s what we should have done.

Instead, B and I thought that a nice Pyrex measuring cup of white vinegar heated in the microwave would create steam and—added benefit—deodorize the interior. So, we set the cook time for three minutes, commented to each other that the smell of vinegar was kind of refreshing, and when it finished set the microwave for another three minutes.

Well . . .

We’re enjoying our morning: B is tidying up the kitchen a bit, I’m playing on the computer . . .

All of a sudden: Loud BOOM, the microwave oven door flies open, and hot white vinegar pours out all over the kitchen floor. B looks at me, I look at B, I look at Dale, Dale looks at B. Fortunately, the Pyrex measuring cup hasn’t shattered, the microwave still works, all we need to do is mop up the vinegar.

Moral: Be careful when you boil vinegar in your microwave. Or, to be on the safe side, just don’t boil vinegar in your microwave in the first place.

A little new year’s wisdom from our house to yours.


  1. whoa. dude, who knew? now, if you would have added baking soda, that would be another thing.

    I didn't think I'd have to say it, but now I'd best be sure: don't ever go throwing water on a grease fire.


  2. Wow! Who would have thought it? I did not know vinegar was bomb making material either :)

  3. Whoa is right! I know about the baking soda/vinegar explosive combo (good for clearing out a sluggish drain), but vinegar by itself?

    BTW, that is one scary grease fire.

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Who knew? Not me! I'm glad none of you were burned by the hot vinegar and that everything stayed intact. Well.....betcha won't do that again. Hee!