14 September 2008

summer continues

August was a cool, showery month here in West Hebron. Scott came pretty much every week to mow (usually in August he gets a break and so does our wallet, because the heat slows everything down). We got a bit behind on weeding one weekend, and then yowza! everything was Out of Control. But reading around a bit, I see that everyone feels that way in August.

B has just cooked down a ton of tomatoes, which he will freeze for sauces and so forth. I sampled some of the brew (tomatoes, oil, and salt roasted in a 450-degree oven for more than an hour), and they are tasty. He envisions using them in sauces and soups; I envision dolloping them on bread and eating them for supper.


  1. I'm very much with you on the dolloping on bread issue and those luscious tomatoes ! The house must smell like heaven over there ? LOL
    No sign of Autumn yet ? ... can't wait for the cooler weather .
    I dry the rosemary I grow and the smell is like spa therapy in a jar ! : )

  2. That's great, Joy! We dried a bunch of sage and lavender this summer. Now we have to remember to use it...

  3. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Mmm...those tomatoes sound absolutely delicious! Isn't it wonderful to be reaping the rewards of your garden?

    (By the way, in case you didn't catch it, I've switched over to a WordPress blog, if you want the new URL: http://nancybond.wordpress.com)