02 August 2008

dahlias: my new favorite flower

Seriously. These guys are beautiful. I’m already making a wish list for next year. All are blooming now, Bloodstone in the perennial bed, and the others in their own special little corner. Top to bottom, here they are, the Dahlias of Pleasant Hill 2008:


Yellow Gem

Little Beeswings

Kaiser Wilhelm

Andries Orange (just waking up)

What a trip! The plants are covered with buds; this is just the beginning!


  1. We have friends that grow the most gorgeous, huge dahlias. Every year we are stunned by the colors. Can't blame you for naming them your new favorite flower.

  2. They are beautiful. I need to try some!

  3. I'm so pleased that your dahlias have done so well, and what extraordinary colors you've got! Well done, J!

  4. Oooohhhh! Aaaahhhh!