16 August 2008

first morning glory

The digital camera is on the fritz. Lots of static when I turn it on, and I don’t know whether I should try to have it repaired or simply buy a new one (which grinds my gears; the camera is only four years old).

All that said, the first morning glories are out. I see only one spent blossom so far, and it doesn’t look that dried up, so I imagine the first was on Thursday, 14 August. “Heavenly Blue,” and it is a pretty blue. My favorite.

We also planted a variety called “Glacier Star,” the seeds of which I bought from Renee’s Garden this spring. The blooms will be pale blue with darker blue stripes. The vines of the two varieties are so entangled at this point that I can’t determine whether I see any buds on “Glacier Star” yet. More to come . . .

03 August 2008

saturday lunch

B and I were enjoying our lunch of squash casserole (made with local eggs, so ackchelly more of a squash custard: yum), green beans and wax beans cooked with a little bacon grease, garlic refrigerator pickles, and tomatoes . . . when it hit us: Everything on our plates was from B’s garden.

And we grinned our way through the rest of the meal.

fairy lily

After reading a story about fairy lilies on the Old House Gardens Web site back in January, I had to order some. So I did. Planted them in April, nursed them along on the fire escape in the city, and then moved them upstate in June. And now! First bloom today.

A few of the descriptions of fairy lilies (also called rain lilies) that I’ve read say they bloom best after rain, that rainwater and not tap water encourages them to bloom. I’m not so sure what this means, because it’s not as if a flower stalk shoots up immediately after a rain storm (or maybe it did, and I just wasn’t observant enough . . .), and I don’t know why this would be, but it’s an interesting little factoid, and, well, we have had a lot of rain this past week, so maybe there’s some truth to it. Hmm.

At any rate, it’s a lovely pink flower (and I managed to catch it with some actual, honest-to-bonnest Washington County raindrops on it).

I brought the pot back with us tonight so that I can pay more attention to it this week (the leaves are looking a little ratty).

02 August 2008

dahlias: my new favorite flower

Seriously. These guys are beautiful. I’m already making a wish list for next year. All are blooming now, Bloodstone in the perennial bed, and the others in their own special little corner. Top to bottom, here they are, the Dahlias of Pleasant Hill 2008:


Yellow Gem

Little Beeswings

Kaiser Wilhelm

Andries Orange (just waking up)

What a trip! The plants are covered with buds; this is just the beginning!