30 July 2008

summer on the fire escape

A few months ago I bought two packages of acidanthera corms (Gladiolus callianthus). One package I gave to Alan, and the other I tucked away and forgot about until about three weeks ago, when I noticed that the pansies were gasping in the summer heat. Gently I, shall we say, retired the pansies and replanted the pot with the acidanthera. Within a week (eager corms) I had sprouts, and now the leaves are about a foot tall. Here they are, with a newly planted rosemary plant (thanks, Gina!) and some mint. The fire escape doesn’t get full sun, so it’s anyone’s guess how well these plants will do, but so far so good. The sunlight is pretty on all those green leaves, isn’t it?

And stepping back a bit, here’s a fellow who knows how to make the most of a lazy summer afternoon in the city. Hi, Scamp!


  1. I like how you said--eager. And love your barn for all seasons. Don't you hate it when the pansies tire out. They are my favorite face in the garden--oh except maybe sunflowers.

  2. Thanks, Anna. Are your pansies pretty much perennial? I have some johnny-jump-ups in the garden upstate that come back every year, but not the larger-flowered ones usually. Our sunflowers are setting buds, but not blooming yet. Soon!

  3. I'm betting your glads do just fine in their semi-sunny place. Ah yes, Scamp has the right idea!