09 July 2008

note to self: chicory

Good post from 2005 on chicory over at the Bookish Gardener. B would love to grow this in our garden because the flowers are so pretty. I’d never considered doing that for some reason, though I love the flowers, too. They’re a clear true blue. I’d always (ignorantly) assumed we’d have to dig it up from beside the road or from the unmowed meadow to get it.

So I did dig some up in midsummer (when I could actually identify it by the blooms). The roots were brittle, the plants wilted immediately, and I never saw them again.

It is possible, of course, to acquire some seeds (Cichorium intybus or Cichorium endivia) and simply sow them. As we used to say in high school: Duh.


  1. Chicory is my very favorite wildflower (thus why I use it for my avatar). It really is true blue, though we occasionally see lavenders and even soft pinks in this area. They don't seem to like to be moved, in the same way they wilt when cut for a vase. I think it is best grown from seed. :)

  2. I really like chicory, too. It is very pretty... grows alongside the roads with the yellow birdsfoot trefoil, etc. :-) Wish I could tell you I'd be diligent enough to gather seeds for you...

  3. I've always loved the chicory flowers, but have had similar luck with transplanting. Someday I'll find a packet of seeds and welcome them to my garden, though!