05 July 2008

mystery solved?

Pam sent me a photo of her mystery flower last night. Looks like Stokesia laevis to me (Stokes aster or cornflower aster). She told me it’s 16 inches at its highest point and a very pretty color, too. Whaddya think: Stokesia?

On another subject, Pam asked for some information about our comfrey plant, so I did a little research and found that what we have seems most likely rough comfrey (Symphytum asperum), rather than Symphytum officinale. Do any of my friends out there in Garden Land grow comfrey? Does yours grow to 4.5 feet like ours does? (I added a little note to the bottom of the post where I first mentioned the comfrey, if you’re at all interested.)


  1. Yup!! Just planted one!

  2. Hey, I was just checking in to see how you and B were doing. The garden looks great. I can't believe you have tomatoes. I have them they just aren't red yet. I want them to vine ripen. I had comfrey at my old house and it got really big. Happy 4th weekend to the three of you!! Kiss the dog for me;)

  3. Benjamin: Phew! I don't have any of my own, but I'm reconsidering... Hope yours grows into a beautiful plant. Thanks for visiting!

    Anna: Hey, yourself! Looks like you had a great Independence Day. Hope the fireworks were beautiful. We contented ourselves up here in the boondocks with watching the fireflies. So happy to see your name here!