05 July 2008

it must be love

These days the daffodil foliage looks like nothing so much as a sloppy comb-over, yet I will not cut them back I will NOT.

I love daffodils . . . in the spring. With flowers.

But (sigh) I PROMISE I won’t cut them back before the foliage crisps.


  1. Poor, sleepy things. :) My daffs were in pots this year, and I confess to having bent the foliage over to facilitate faster "crispness". I probably robbed the bulbs of some much needed nutrients by doing so, so kudos to you for your patience.

  2. And I'm certain your bulbs will be perfectly fine. I don't know how much additional photosynthesis my daffodils' leaves are accomplishing with them lying all over the ground and yellowing. I'm probably more lazy than patient, truth to tell!

  3. I recently visited a botanical garden where they gathered the leaves together, folded them over and bound them with large rubber bands. I've just done the same with a few of mine. I want to give my bulbs the opportunity to grow large and strong! ;-)