01 July 2008

the garden cataloging project

I’ve just read some great posts from Carol over at May Dreams Gardens and Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening followed by lots of useful comments.

I am impressed by Carol’s system (and her handwriting) and Kathy’s attitude about keeping records.

Carol’s posts:
Kathy’s response:
Shady Gardener at Does Everything Grow Better in My Neighbor’s Yard? also posted about her system, begun early this spring:
Lots of food for thought here . . .


  1. I've just begun mapping my beds and itemizing all the plantings in them. I started early this Spring. I'm using a little spiral bound book of 3x5 index sized cards. The back of each card, as you flip them, is blank. That way I can draw and label the bed I'm working on. Then I indicate the location of the plant, number it and make the list below on the new index card. This may be abstract. perhaps I'll scan it and put it on a post.

    Eventually, I'd like to do something a little more concrete... such as a larger book in which I can tell when the plant was added to the garden, its needs, etc.

    Now I'm going to poke around your site awhile. It's been some time since I've visited!

  2. Hi J,
    I just posted on this subject. Perhaps you'd find it interesting?

  3. Thanks for the nice links!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  4. Shady, I linked your post up to this page, so thanks!

    Carol, thanks for visiting, and I hope you and Shady both don't mind my linking willy-nilly. Is there etiquette I should be following? Whoops!

  5. Whatever system you choose, it must serve you. Don't become its slave. It's okay to drop any system that isn't working.

    The only etiquette re:linking is to link to the original source and don't plagiarize. Everyone likes to be linked to. It's called link love.

  6. Kathy, I figured as much, but just checking. "Link love" is a perfect term. There is so much good information out in the cosmos that I hate to lose it. Thus the links, so that I can refer back to it. Properly credited, of course!

    See you around!