02 July 2008

abbott & costello in greenwich village

B was about to turn in for the night, and because the alarm clock is on my side and he’d had to get up really early on Wednesday morning, he asked me to reset it for a bit later on Thursday morning before I toddled off:

B: J, will you set the alarm for seven thirty?
J: Sure, seven thirty it will be.
B: No earlier.
J: Okay, so what time do you want me to set the alarm for?
B: (confused) Seven thirty.
J: Right, okay.
B: No earlier.
J: (frustrated) What time do you want to get up tomorrow morning?
B: (more frustrated) Seven thirty!
J: Do you want the alarm set for earlier than that?
B: No earlier than seven thirty.
J: (finally getting it) Oh!


  1. Back when I was a grad student in English, I remember asking a professor (in the midst of a long conversation about language),

    "Then how do you think communication happens?"

    To which she responded, "Badly. I think communication takes place badly."

    Case in point?

  2. That's a great interchange. I would have liked that professor.