03 June 2008

virginia bluebells

These are from the roots I ordered last fall from Viola Valley Wildflowers. What an amazing color they are. Very happy!


  1. Jared ... that blue almost shines it is so pretty .. it is great to see something we have ordered come to LIFE ! like that : )

  2. Your bluebells are lovely!

  3. I've never seen that color blue. Looks like it sure took well where you planted it. Very pretty.

  4. Don't you love these plants/flowers!! You will enjoy how they just show up in the most unusual spots! So far, I welcome them wherever they land! :-)

  5. Joy, I can't tell you how happy I was to see the shoots come out of the ground. I am amazed every time that happens, seed, root... It's a miracle, truly.

    Nancy, thanks! I hope they spread themselves around a bit. They were a welcome sight for sure this spring!

    Anna, B and I were walking along a path in someone's garden last year that was lined with Virginia bluebells. That's when we decided we had to try to grow them ourselves. That blue is special; tinged with light purple, too. It really pops.

    Shady, I can't WAIT to see where they turn up! I didn't know they did that!