04 June 2008

peonies gearing up

One would imagine, in looking at some of our flowerbeds, that I am enamored of straight lines. Plunk: seven peonies in a row. Plunk: here are some daylilies, too. Actually, the row thing was begun by the previous owner of the house, who really DID have a thing for rows, I think. (I’m still scratching my head at the rows of hyacinths he planted; I love hyacinths, but they look more cheery to me when they’re planted in somewhat relaxed conversational groups.)

Myself, I’m not so big on planting militarily, but I’m leery of messing with something that’s obviously working (those peonies are doing well), so rows there will be for a few things.

I love peony blossoms in June, but I also love peony foliage the rest of the summer. It’s so green and so sturdy, a perfect backdrop for other flowers. I widened and edged this bed last summer and decided to plant one side with all kinds of Achillea (yarrow) and the other with lupine and—in a few weeks when all the volunteers have sprouted and I can transplant them from the perennial bed—Verbena bonariensis. There are some clumps of iris and dollops of Festuca cinerea “Elijah’s Blue” throughout, too.

But for now, isn’t all that green foliage sweet? And the peony buds are so optimistic.


  1. Rows--that is funny. I'm more the organized messy type. Your place is looking so good. I don't see how it could look bad though---it's such pretty surroundings.

  2. Your peonies do look great -- I like that...optimistic. :) Rows are ok with me for a lot of things (I'm with you on the hyacinths, though), especially on a slight slope, as you have here, where you can layer the color and foliage.

  3. Sometimes rows are the only way to go, depending on the lay of the land. I think it looks great.

  4. Jared ... they look great to me, row or not .. but then a lot of my life was as a military wife ? LOL
    I am still waiting for my single peony to open .. this takes patience ! LOL
    Your place is looking GREAT !

  5. All that foliage does look great! Sure has filled in nicely.