01 June 2008

peonies at dusk (garden bloggers’ muse day)

White peonies blooming along the porch
send out light
while the rest of the yard grows dim.

Outrageous flowers as big as human
heads! They’re staggered
by their own luxuriance: I had
to prop them up with stakes and twine.

The moist air intensifies their scent,
and the moon moves around the barn
to find out what it’s coming from.

In the darkening June evening
I draw a blossom near, and bending close
search it as a woman searches
a loved one’s face.

—Jane Kenyon

For a little more information on this cool idea, see Garden Bloggers’ Muse Day over at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.


  1. This was beautiful, J! And how are YOUR peonies coming?

  2. Loved this poem. Peonies are one of my all time faves. But have never tried growing them.

  3. You write very well.