03 June 2008

dale tuckered out

I played Frisbee with Dale while B was watering his garden. I’d throw the Frisbee, Dale would catch it, and then he’d run like crazy for a few minutes with me howling after him (and laughing my head off as I watched him throw the Frisbee in the air and catch it).

He is an exuberant dog and an expert Frisbee player. He really tired himself out, though. Time for a little water, Dale?


  1. What a sweet dog. :) And I can't get over how beautiful your property is! Gorgeous.

  2. Awww---I'm grand dog sitting this weekend. That reminds me I need to go get dog treats. Your dog is fantastic. I love that drool out of your mouth look. My grand dog is an English Pointer and wide open. Dogs give unconditionally and isn't it the best feeliing?

  3. All that wonderful grassy space for a dog to run--doggy heaven.