30 June 2008

dale in the garden

B worked in his vegetable garden on Sunday afternoon, and Dale kept him company. Of course, he also kept me company as I worked in the flower garden all the way on the other side of the house.

This presented a problem for Dale: How could he keep both of us company at the same time? The solution, of course, was to check on B, then run like crazy across the lawn to make certain that I hadn’t impaled myself on a bamboo stake . . . but wait! “What about B? Better check to make certain he hasn’t drowned himself in the watering can. Hmmm, maybe J has a treat for me. Better check. Is that B waving his arms at me? Golly, got to get back to him. Bye, J! (pant pant pant . . .)”


  1. Funny! Nothing like good company when you're outdoors... however, he seems as though he needs to be put to work! ;-)

  2. If we had a harness, he WOULD be, believe me. "Dale, we've got to move 15 loads of compost this morning. Let's get to work."