15 May 2008

vegetable garden doings

On Saturday B worked in his vegetable garden. Technically, we’re square-foot gardeners with six four-by-four-foot raised beds we built in May 2005. In reality, B is guided more by his inspiration than by Mel Bartholomew’s book. Each year, we say to each other, “Maybe we should do it Mel’s way,” and then each year the square-foot gardening plan goes out the window, and B’s garden is nevertheless productive and gorgeous.

B noted that the soil level in the boxes was a little low, so on Saturday morning we dug in a nice bunch of compost (that I screened through some hardware cloth I bought a few weeks ago), composted manure, peat moss, a little more topsoil, and—in the carrot bed—some sand. The boxes are full of rich soil now, and Bill has planted the following: mesclun, carrots, beets, radishes, and peas. Much more to come!

I took some of the saplings—well, young trees, from the looks of them—that we’ve cut and dried and fashioned a twig tower roughly in the style of the one that Pam of Digging photographed in Austin. Mine is a LOT chunkier than the graceful one that inspired it, but it will do the trick, I think. For a first attempt, I’d say not bad at all.


  1. Love your veggie garden plot. I especially like that wonderful bench -- great relief for overworked back muscles. :)

  2. What a great idea to have a bench in he veggie patch! Can't wait to see how the veggies progress.