31 May 2008

under the lilacs

The Siberian bugloss is blooming now along with the bleeding heart and the beginnings of the dame’s rocket. So beautiful and shimmery. I half expect a little pixie to wave at me from behind a clump of ferns.

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  1. Good for you! You are getting things in shape around there. I was getting embarrassed at how things were looking but now it's beginning to shape up nicely.

    In case I don't come back here to see your response---my comments are showing up at blotanical now. Are you having any problems? I registered at feedburner and then took that link and inserted it under the edit option in the-- my blog area on blotanical. It took several days for it to go through. I was going nuts for a few days but I'm Ok now. I appreciate you leaving me a message while I was at my wits end. You can give your dog a big fat kiss for me as a thank you.