01 May 2008

two of five dahlias are up!

I’ve got sprouts on two of my five dahlia tubers! Whoopee!

Suzann will be delighted to know that her choice, Bloodstone, is up, as is Yellow Gem!

(If you want to see pictures of these two, click on the “dahlias” label below and you’ll go to the other posts on dahlias.)

Now I’ll wait for the other three. Soon . . . soon.

Read a post over on Cold Climate Gardening last night about Kathy’s trouble with dahlias, and a bunch of other people commented on the trouble they have as well. Seems like I really should make an appointment with my neighbor on Route 31 to discuss how he grows his.

I’ll report back. Seriously, I think I may do this.


  1. Kudos on your dahlia sprouts -- it won't be long before the others do, as well. I've never had trouble with dahlias and have always thought them relatively easy to grow and maintain. But everyone's mileage varies, I guess. You certainly seem to be off to a great start!

  2. I HOPE they continue to do well. I did a little more poking today, and the others are coming right along. Tubers aren't mush or shriveled; I am VERY happy. My garden muse, Mr. Robinson, had dahlias, too, and they always did just fine, so I'm going to channel a little of him this year and see where that gets me.