31 May 2008

tomorrow: everybody out!

I looked at the weather for the week, and I see that night-time temperatures are settling into the 50s. Time to plant all of the dahlias outside. I dropped poor “Little Beeswings” on his head this afternoon; hope he recovers. The others I did NOT drop, and they all look great.

Fingers crossed that this is the year I grow some beautiful dahlias.


  1. I'm betting your dahlias grow beautifully! They're flowers--like the geraniums--that don't like to be embarrassed by being fussed over too much. :) Good luck and lots of pics!

  2. ROFLMBO--about being dropped on his head--you are too grand!! I might have missed that if I had not stayed awhile to see what I missed while fighting off robbers at my house! I'm glad I'm back up and running.