03 May 2008

an old daffodil mystery: solved!

The Occasional Gardener left a comment on my old daffodils post: “I think it’s a Van Sion,” with a link over to a page on the Old House Gardens Web site (where I bought my dahlia tubers).

I think he’s absolutely correct! Thank you, Occasional Gardener (who, coincidentally, has a beautiful reminiscence about lilacs outside his bedroom window on his blog today).

Beautiful daffodil, isn’t it?


  1. I cannot remember whose blog from whence I came but did want to say I am having a lovely time reading your posts! The link to the lilac story was a pleasant diversion. You lilacs will surely create their own sense memories.

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  2. That is now officially my favorite daffodil- love the green and double flower. Thanks for linking to the lilac post- how funny to be thinking about the exact same thing.

  3. Gail: Thanks for visiting! I want to spend some more time on your blog. Really, really like how you've landscaped your front yard. It's beautiful.

    Chris: Mine, too! And, well, it's May, so I guess we all have lilac on our minds. I've been to lilac hill at the botanic garden a few times this time of year; it is INTENSE!

  4. Mystery solved! :) They're raggety beautiful!