30 May 2008

useful post from kathy purdy

Kathy Purdy over at Cold Climate Gardening wrote a fantastic post called “Seven Gardening Gifts No One Will Give Me,” which include insulation supports (sturdy pieces of wire that are great for pinning down soaker hoses or making plant tags), flagging tape (I used a bunch of this when I was digging the daylily bed), tent pegs (ditto), baby spoons (for potting up seedlings), a grated cheese container (to fill with white sand and miniscule seeds for broadcasting), an empty feed bag (to use as a mini tarp), and a plywood scrap (to stand or kneel on in the garden).

I’d add to these great ideas a regular old tarp (to rake leaves onto), a piece of hardware cloth (to screen pebbles and large debris from compost), a roll of plastic-coated wire, and metal fence posts (to stake up heavy plants like tomatoes and dahlias).

Kathy has comments from readers who provide suggestions of their own. So many good ideas!

Thanks, Kathy!

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