02 May 2008

happy birthday, b!


  1. Oh wow, does that ever look delicious! I hope you had a grand celebration -- and your house looks like one I dream of. :) (May 2 was my Dad's 80th birthday. :)

  2. Is that Strawberry Shortcake? Yum!!!
    Happy Birthday, B!

  3. Nancy: It was a grand celebration indeed! And happy birthday to your dad! May is a great month to be born. I bet your dad agrees!

    Shady: It is! Well, strawberries and blackberries. Still too early for them to be from around here, so I had to resort to berries from the grocery store, but with a little sugar and some vanilla, they tasted pretty wonderful. B thanks you for your greetings!

  4. happy birthday B!

    Sorry I'm "late to the party" but hope it was a great one.