31 May 2008

frost? heat?

When B and I arrived this evening it was still light enough outside for us to check the gardens. Just about everything in B’s vegetable garden looks great, but two of his tomato plants have shriveled, dried leaves, although the plants seem to be fine. We had a few chilly nights last week (near freezing), so he wonders whether the crispy leaves are the result of cold. I wonder whether the soil dried out too much during the week. We’ll never know.

My garden is looking nice. The purple smokebush is up (Cotinus coggygria “Royal Purple”), and it looks smashing. The blahblahblah Rosa rugosa (“Blanc Double de Coubert”) is sending out its leaves, as is the butterfly bush. The sweet peas are up, the “Bloodstone” dahlia (thanks, Kentucky family!) I planted out last week is looking healthy and green, although it doesn’t seem to have grown at all, and all the smaller plants I set out look like they’re taking hold.

However, my phlox is a little (light) green around the gills. Chlorosis? The leaves are pale with darker veins, and they just don’t look right. I’ve never seen garden phlox look like this. I need to read up a bit to try to determine what’s going on. I wonder if other people’s phlox plants go through sickly periods.

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  1. We had frost warnings a night or two last week as well, but fortunately, didn't get any. At least not in my area. Could be the tomato plants got nipped a bit -- lots of water and they should still do just fine. I've missed seeing your Pleasant Hill Rambles while Blotanical was under the weather. Maybe it had chlorosis, too! ;)