06 May 2008

don’t stop!

I’m finding that when I create a plant wish list, the wished-for plants arrive in my mailbox, either through the kindness of Kentucky relatives or because of itchy keyboard fingers and Google. How about that?

Case in point: Would love, love, love to have some lemon lilies (Hemerocallis flava). Price for three from White Flower Farm: $21.95. But, really, COME ON. These are daylilies, Amos, and old ones at that. Price of 24 from Pike Nursery on eBay: $12.95. Guess where I bought mine?

And a few weeks back I read that New York Times article about weekend gardening, and one of the weekend gardeners recommended a rugosa rose, “Blanc Double de Coubert,” that sounded wonderful: fragrant, sturdy, long-blooming. Found it at Jung Seeds: Tappity-tap. Click!

Two more items from my wish list skeeeee-ratched off!


  1. I keep buying salvias. Click--just bought another! They love it here in my zone 7 garden and those Knock Out Roses are killing me.

  2. I hope you eventually complete your list, J. :) I know the lure of eBay's great prices. These lilies will be outstanding on your property.