02 May 2008

cold, drizzly day

B and I drove up to Pleasant Hill late last night after an Ascension Day service in the city. We were still on the road when the clock flashed “12:00” and B magically became a year older. Today we went out and bought three lilac shrubs that we’re going to plant on the north side of the house so that they’ll greet us when we come up the driveway. If they grow as high as they’re supposed to (12 feet), we’ll be able to catch a whiff of their perfume from the upstairs bedroom. Lilacs are B’s favorite flower.

The three we bought are: “Pocahontas” (an early-flowering purple), “Beauty of Moscow” (pink buds that open white), and “Madame Lemoine” (snow-white flowers, very fragrant).

We had a nippy night this week. According to weather.com the low on Wednesday night/Thursday morning was 23°F; however, our thermometer indicates a low of only 25.5°F. Whatever the temperature, it did a number on the new butterfly bush and, surprisingly, the buds on the purple smokebush. They’ll both recover, I know, but I was still disappointed to see the damage.

On the what’s up front: Virginia bluebells! So nice! If I can get just a few plants established, they’ll start spreading around.

Also up: New sprouts on the blue fescue I divided two weeks ago, “Casa Blanca” lilies, tarragon, both clematis . . .

Poet’s narcissus are blooming (you can see one blossom hungrily eyeing B’s birthday shortcake in the post below).

I think we’re supposed to have showers all weekend.

Funny thing: As dry as April seemed, we actually had more rain than normal (actual: 5.43"; average: 2.87"). However, it all came during the first and last weeks. The middle weeks were warm and dry as bone.

Time to stop rambling and head for bed! We’ve got some lilacs to plant in the morning!


  1. Our weather was the same as yours on Friday, but today (Sat) it's glorious here. Coolish wind, but lots of cloudless sun. Your lilacs should be beautiful. I'm glad things are doing so well on Pleasant Hill. :)

  2. Are you planting today, or is it still raining? It was rainy around here today. I'd set aside most of this day to work on a Habitat for Humanity house. Alas, it was not to be... too muddy.

    However, you may have to visit my site again! Check out the sidebar for another GREAT nursery I discovered this past Winter. I posted photos of the plants - which are Wonderful!! :-)

    Just a little more for you to think about. lol

  3. Nancy: Still cloudy here and a little drizzly, but we will not be daunted by it. Perfect settling-in weather for the plants. This rain has been great for everything.

    Shady: We'll plant! How cool that you're working on a HfH house. Sorry it's too muddy to work, though.

    Oh, boy! More plants! I'll meander on over to your site.