05 April 2008

spring to dos

Today is the first day I’ve wanted to be outside. So, naturally, in walking around and looking at things I’ve found lots of things to be done. Herewith the beginning of the list for this spring:
  1. Clean up the leavings from the road crew that took down one of the ancient maples this winter.
  2. Move all the gravel that the plow guy plowed off the driveway back onto the driveway.
  3. Smooth out the lawn gouged up by same plow guy (will probably require carting in some topsoil from elsewhere).
  4. Clean up gardens (cut down old plant skeletons; re-edge; clean up old hosta foliage).
  5. Clear out tall grass, thistles, and raspberries from around the barn so that we can walk all the way around it this summer without getting stuck in brambles.
B and I have determined that we will focus our attention on “the bowl” of the backyard this year, that is, the area directly around the entrance to the house (which in this part of the country is the back door) so that visitors don’t feel like they’re driving up to the Clampett’s. The bowl includes the long and steep slope, the herb garden, the perennial garden, and the lilac thicket. All but the slope are looking pretty good. If we can get the slope looking nicer, then everything else will look exponentially nicer.

Accomplished today: no. 1 on the list. Things already look better. Before dinner I may work on no. 3 a bit.

Happy spring!

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