08 April 2008

seedlings and transplants ordered

Yesterday I submitted my order to the Saratoga County Soil & Water Conservation District Spring 2008 Bare-root Seedling Program:
  • 10 red osier dogwood
  • 10 common lilac
  • 10 blue spruce
The red osier dogwood I will plant along the top of the remaining unplanted l&s slope; the lilacs B and I will plant in the lilac thicket, which needs some new blood; and the blue spruce we’ll plant on the hill near the barn (to the left of the barn in the “barn through the seasons” series).

I love this program. Two years ago we ordered balsam fir transplants and Rosa rugosa seedlings, all of which seem to be doing pretty well.


  1. 10 Blue Spruce? Lucky, lucky you! I hope they all do very well.

  2. Sounds like a great order .. wish we had the room to plant like that. Blue Spruce always reminds me of Christmas .. such a beautiful colour too !

  3. You are very fortunate... not only to live in a place that could handle all these plantings, but that you Qualify. ;-) May I add a link to you on my site?

  4. Nancy: We're going to put them in the ground and cross our fingers and toes. We are full of ambition! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Joy: They remind me of Christmas, too. I also love balsam firs. The plan is that one day B and I will be able to cut down a Christmas tree from our own stand. Maybe we'll charge ourselves $20 for the privilege.

    Shady G: I'd love to be linked from your site! We are grateful (and a little overwhelmed at times) that we have space to do this kind of stuff. Some of our efforts are more successful than others, but it's all a lot of fun, for sure.

    Thank you all for visiting!

  5. I have seen pictures of the red osier dogwood. It's one of the loveliest plants ever!

  6. Hey, Becca! Thanks for stopping by! I think the red twigs of the red osier dogwood are pretty wonderful, too. Finger crossed that they like their new home on the slope. See you around!