25 April 2008

plants and tubers: arrived, fussed over, planted

The Bluestone Perennials order arrived on Tuesday, and I planted it today. I’d been following the order’s progress from Ohio on the UPS site, and rushed home from work on Tuesday evening so I could either meet the UPS man at my door or search him out in the neighborhood. You’d think I was 12 and anticipating the delivery of the Sea Monkeys I ordered from the back page of my Richie Rich comic book.

Alan and I found a UPS truck on Bleecker Street in front of the Ralph Lauren store, so we hung around there for a bit waiting for the driver to return from making his delivery. Alan saw a dress in the window of the store—a very colorful, flowery long dress—and ventured a guess as to its cost: He thought $4,000. I said I couldn’t believe it would be that much, so I went into the store, found the dress, grabbed a handful of it to see what it was made of (some kind of foamy material) and asked the clerk nearby how much? When he told me, I let my handful of dress go and went skedaddling outside to tell Alan: $7,000. You could buy a lot of plants for $7,000, that’s for sure.

The UPS guy eventually showed up, and I asked him whether he made the deliveries on my street. He said no, so Alan and I jogged back to West 11th, and caught my UPS man as he was leaving the building. Phew! So I’m the proud owner of three Microbiota decussata, a Buddleia davidii “Empire Blue,” and a Philadelphus innocence x. lemoinei. Alan was pleased to receive his three Gaillardia “Oranges & Lemons.”

I watered my plants, set them out on the fire escape to harden off, and then brought them north last night to plant today.

Also on Tuesday evening I potted up the five dahlia tubers I ordered from Old House Gardens. My plan is to set them out on the fire escape each morning and then bring ’em in each night so they don’t get too cold. I put about two inches of soil in the bottom of each pot, placed the tuber, and then covered it with two more inches of soil. On Tuesday night I spritzed each pot with a spray bottle, because I didn’t want the tubers to get too wet and rot, but I think I may have been erring on the side of caution: By Wednesday evening, the soil in the pots was bone dry. So on Thursday morning I sprinkled each pot with about a half cup of water; not enough to run out the bottom of the pot, but enough to moisten the soil. B is taking care of the pots while I’m up here. I’ll be relieved when I see the first shoots.


  1. You are going to have one beautiful garden when you're finished...can't wait to see photos this summer. :)

  2. I love that you're so excited! (Talk about Priorities... can you believe a garment would cost such a ridiculous amount of money?) Now, an order for plants... ha! I know JUST how you feel, though. Hope everything thrives and performs well! :-)