01 April 2008

planting catmint on the l&s slope

B took this photo of me planting the 12 Nepeta “Walker’s Low” I bought for $12 late last September. Bargain! They were incredibly rootbound, but I wrestled the roots apart, dug compost into the planting holes, and then mulched the whole shebang when I was finished planting. I’m looking forward to seeing whether all 12 made it through the winter, and whether they’ll like their new home this year.

The day I planted them was beautiful, as you can see.


  1. Those dapples of sunlight look so inviting. :) I wish you'd send some of that our way. I hope your plants all made it through the winter!

  2. You have made some wonderful strides in landscaping this area (I scrolled down a bit to see a photo from last year)! Hope your plants made it... I like catmint! Thanks for stopping by "my place."