18 April 2008

on the docket for the weekend

The two major projects for the weekend:
  • Move daylilies/daffodils from weedy old bed beside the driveway; daylilies to pots for Gina at work, daffodils to front of stone wall above slope.
  • Weed rhubarb/asparagus bed and divide rhubarb.
The weather is supposed to be superb, so there's no reason why I can't get up nice and early tomorrow morning and get started. If I could get these two big things accomplished, I'd be very happy indeed.


  1. I just answered my own question that I sent in messages. :) I hope the weather cooperates and that you accomplish all your projects.

  2. Jared ! I hope you get your projects done : )
    We did with the arbor between our house and the neighbor's .. that was a big one .. we sweated, strained .. snapped and got sun burnt .. BUT it is DONE ! phew LOL