29 April 2008

a new sprout!

I think it’s Solomon’s seal, courtesy of Viola Valley Wildflowers! With all the rainy cool weather we’re having, I’m willing to bet that some of the other roots and tubers I ordered last fall will wake up. Can’t wait for the weekend!


  1. Jared ... you wouldn't happen to have "Lily of the Valley" planted there too ? .. I have Solomon's Seal and it looks a lot thicker than that .. but mine are older plants .. it just strikes me more of the other seeing it ..
    The question about caraway you had ? .. it is another plant altogether from dill .. I grew it in a pot .. lovely little white flower .. but didn't leave it long enough to mature to seed .. it was a "DUH?" move on my part .. sigh !

  2. It sure looks like solomon's seal to me. I don't have it my garden, but they sell it in the greenhouse where I work.

    Last fall a customer brought in some ferns he'd thinned from his garden. We divided them and planted them in nursery pots, then overwintered them in one of the greenhouses. Whoever buys them will be getting bonus plants, as solomon's seal is sprouting alongside the ferns in their nursery pots.

  3. Thanks for your help, we really appreciate it.

  4. Joy, I've got lily of the valley (I just realized again what a beautiful name for a plant that is, and seeing it in the same sentence with "Joy" is pretty cool, ain't it?), but not in that space. I'm putting my money on the bobtail nag, er, Solomon's seal (Derby Day is near), but, of course, I can't be sure until it blooms! Thanks for the clarification of dill vs. caraway. The dill seed has kind of a caraway taste, to my mind, but different!

    garden girl, those are some lucky customers. I'd like to visit YOUR nursery. All the nurseries I visit get their plants from big growers seems like, or maybe I just don't know about nurseries. I think it's wonderful that yours sells stock from its customers (ie, people who have experience with the plants, so know how they grow in your area). Excellent!

    James, a pleasure to help solve a puzzle!

  5. "I wandered lonely as a cloud...

    ...and then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils"


  6. I believe it may be Solomon's Seal, too. We have quite a few plants here in the woods... many are getting "old" enough to bloom this year. I'm keeping my eye on the ones that look like yours... they may be "immature." :-)

  7. Shady: I hadn't considered the possibility that they wouldn't bloom this year, isn't that funny? I'm about as optimistic as person can be, I guess. But you know I'll be happy if they just settle on in and get happy. I think I've got them in a good spot . . .