15 April 2008

my favorite rake

No joke. This is the best rake. It has terrific flexibility—which makes it easy on whatever it’s raking—and the tines are slightly rounded, either by design or by wear, so they don’t scratch too much. In the halcyon days of my lawnboy youth, I used one just like this to rake leaves for my favorite client, Mr. Robinson.

I have other rakes that I use and like, but when I saw this one at an antique store I knew I had to have it. It was a dollar, and I had to replace the handle almost immediately. Whenever I use it, I’m sixteen years old again.


  1. Only a dollar? Wow! How can you beat such a great price... not only did you get a wonderful rake but wonderful memories as well! Yea! :-)

  2. That is a beauty! It's nice when a "piece of our past" can make the years melt away. I love the sentiment as much as the tool.

  3. Can't beat it with a stick, for sure. That rake makes me happy! I have a garden fork that reminds me of one my mom used when we were growing up, and using that makes me very happy, too.

  4. Sometimes the old tools just work better, don't they? I like that rake...

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens