15 April 2008

I love Bluestone Perennials

On Saturday evening, I bit the bullet and put in an order at Bluestone Perennials. Two days later (yesterday), I received an e-mail message alerting me to the imminent arrival of my plants. Talk about fast! The FAQ page on the Bluestone Web site says this about how they ship orders:
How long will it take to receive my order?
We normally give you a two week window in which to expect your plants. If spring has arrived to your area and we are currently shipping to your area, you will receive your order within 10 days of ordering. If it is late in the spring, we are usually shipping the next day, avoiding weekend layovers. Also see the question below about requesting specific shipping times. Call our office with any questions.

I’ve ordered plants from Bluestone on numerous occasions over the past years and have been pleased every single time.

Here’s the list:
  • 3 Microbiota decussata
  • 3 Gaillardia “Oranges & Lemons”
  • 1 Buddleia davidii “Empire Blue”
  • 1 Philadelphus innocence x. lemoinei
We’ve been meaning to find something to replace the PeeGee hydrangea that was girdled by voles last winter. Mock-orange is a great old-fashioned bush with wonderfully smelly flowers. This particular variety has leaves that are mottled with gold. I think it will look beautiful at the corner of the house on the end of the perennial bed.

The butterfly bush will go in the back of the perennial border and next to a window so that the fragrance of its blooms can waft its way into the house. I haven’t attempted to grow butterfly bush before because all the varieties I’ve seen are considered hardy to Zone 5 only, and up until this spring we’ve been Zone 4. No more. All the USDA charts indicate that we’re Zone 5 now. Hmmm . . . an observation on at least one benefit of global warming would be inappropriate, I guess.

The blanket flower is a variety we saw in a display garden at a nursery in Vermont last spring. For some reason, the owners weren’t offering it for sale (maybe they wanted to keep it for themselves? Selfish!), so we’ve been looking for it elsewhere ever since. Actually, Alan—who feeds our cats when we’re away and who has an amazing garden on the roof of his apartment building—loved the plant even more than we did, so I ordered the three plants for him. I might be tempted to order another bunch for us. It’s a beautiful soft orange and yellow.

The Russian cypress is one piece of the solution to the l&s slope puzzle.

I am full of hope!

(All photos from the Bluestone Perennials Web site)


  1. I've never ordered from Bluestone. I've wanted a Buddelia for so long... think I'm going to try a little one in the front yard. I can hardly wait! :-) It'll be fun to watch your gardening work.

  2. "Full of hope" is what spring is all about. :) I'm sure all of these will look spectacular; I can't wait to see your slope by summer's end. (I'm especially partial to mock orange.)

  3. One thing about Bluestone: the plants they ship are very healthy, but small. However, they've always settled in quickly and many have bloomed the first year. Good luck with your buddleia! What zone are you?

  4. Nancy: My parents have mock-orange in their yard. I don't think B is familiar with it, but I'm guessing he'll love it.