17 April 2008

green things noticed 12 april 2008

A little bulb action noticed over the past weekend:
  • Siberian squill up but not blooming yet in peony bed.
  • Grape hyacinths up, too, but not blooming yet in herb bed.
  • New colony of snow drops inadvertently moved with Goldsturm rudbeckia from front of house to perennial bed are blooming prettily. More snow drops discovered up at stone wall near ditch lilies; have never noticed them before. Snow drops originally planted in front of house beginning to fill in a bit. Would be nice to get more, though. More more more.
  • Guinea hen flower looks like it will not be making an appearance. The bulbs looked and felt dried out when I planted them last fall. Better luck this fall (maybe buy bulbs from Old House Gardens; they’re dipped in paraffin to prevent them from shriveling too much)?
  • Where’s the Allium moly? I planted more last fall down under the ancient maple, but I’m not seeing them yet.
  • Numerous daffodils growing; some near stone wall sending up buds. Perhaps they’ll be blooming by Saturday, 19 April.
  • Hyacinths sending up leaves; blossom buds visible.
Other sights to see:
  • Nubs of peony sprouts visible.
  • All Siberian iris showing green. This was a worry to me all winter, because I did a number on them last fall. Pried them out of the ground with a crowbar and divided and replanted probably only a fifth of what had been growing there. Now they have lots of room to settle in and maybe start blooming heavily again.
  • Lifted and separated two of the three Elijah blue fescue into four plants apiece. Replanted them throughout peony bed.
  • No sign yet that roses have survived, either the Joseph’s coat or the David Austin.
  • Moved Oriental poppy sprout from old location in middle to back of perennial bed; seems to be leftover from my moving them all last fall; tenacious little buggers.
  • Buds on young larch tree!
  • Really must label all plants in perennial bed; seeing sprigs and sprouts of things I can’t identify yet. However, I do recognize the following: boltonia up, September ruby asters up, baptisia making an appearance, green wizard rudbeckia up, shasta daisies up, numerous hollyhocks up, perennial flax up, blue-eyed grass showing signs of life, lamb’s ear up, dianthus seems to have made it through the winter, catmint sending up tiny leaves, yarrows in peony bed all waking, lupines leafing out, rosettes of sedum leaves.
  • Tidied up the perovskia, rue, miscanthus, cotinus, cut back gaura (not my favorite plant; bought under pressure from pushy sales clerk at Clear Brook Farm).
  • Is this black cohosh I see in the lilac thicket? Hope so!
  • Where are my Virginia bluebells? Where are my royal ferns? Where’s the Solomon’s seal?


  1. J, your gardens are certainly coming to life! How beautiful they will be when they're all in bloom.

  2. I can't WAIT. I'm hoping this year my baptisia (which I bought as a little sprig last spring) will bloom. It's one of my favorite flowers.

  3. It's hard to be patient, isn't it? I hope everything for which you're looking, grows!! Wonderful list! :-)
    PS My alliums are always slower than other bulbs.