09 April 2008

a few odds and ends

  • Good article from The New York Times on the plight of the weekend gardener: “When a garden is a weekend affair.” Nothing really new here, but still interesting to read that Scott Canning, the director of horticulture at Wave Hill, is dealing with some of the same sorts of issues B and I are. Maybe we’ll invest in some backpacker’s headlamps so we can weed after dark. Heh.
  • Wonderful post from The Occasional Gardener (a fellow blotanist) on the walled rose garden at Sissinghurst. From his description I can almost smell the concentrated perfume inside those walls. I would love to see it someday.
  • Lovely photograph (far down on this post) of a homemade twig tower in Jenny Stockton’s Austin garden that Pam of Digging posted from the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling in Austin this past weekend. B and I think we’ll make two of these for B’s vegetable garden this spring. We certainly have enough raw materials!


  1. Jared .. thanks for that link in your post so I could see Digging .. some how I keep missing it .. what gorgeous plants and gardens .. a bit of garden heaven I think !
    Don't over do it with the raking .. vice of experience here .. ouch ! .. LOL

  2. Joy: I felt like I needed a cane on Monday, but, honestly, how nice to be aching from this sort of toil, eh?