07 April 2008

a few more items checked off

  • Before dinner on Saturday night, I was able to replace all the sod scrrrraped up by the plow guy this winter. Check.
  • Moved most of the gravel plowed onto the lawn back onto the driveway. Check.
  • Tidied up the herb garden; will tidy the perennial garden next weekend. Half check.
On Sunday, after church, B and I worked on the slope a bit. He raked and generally cleaned up the lawn above the slope up to the stone wall, and I raked out the portion of the slope that we’ll be planting this spring. With some advice from bullthistle over at the Propagating Perennials blog, I’ve decided to try to get my hands on some Potentilla fruticosa “Katherine Dykes.” He says it has a very pleasing shape and that, in fact, it is his favorite flowering deciduous shrub. That’s a nice recommendation! Here’s the post on it: Potentilla fruticosa “Katherine Dykes” or “K. Dykes”: Shrubby cinquefoil.

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