15 April 2008

dale and the daffs

No flowers yet, but we’re getting close. Maybe by next weekend. We’ve planted only about 150 daffodil bulbs over the past few years. The previous owners, God bless them, obviously loved daffodils, because they are everywhere. Do daffodils ever need to be divided? This is something I must investigate.

And what a handsome dog, eh? When I took his picture he had his eye on a squirrel up in the woods. The next moment he was over the wall and in pursuit. I love the way his ears are cocked; he looks like Anne Boleyn. Or is that a stretch?


  1. "And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils." Wm. W

    I never tire of those beautiful yellow blooms...I hope you'll share them when they make their appearance.

  2. Anne Boleyn! A stretch perhaps--but a hysterical one. I think "Congratulations on being a victim of global warming" is perhaps a bit gauche. --Curmudgeon

  3. Nancy: You can bet I'll post photos when they're up and blooming. I'm thinking we'll start seeing some blooms this weekend!

    Curmudgeon (I love the fact that I'm addressing a comment to someone named Curmudgeon): You should see the imitation I do of Dale imitating Anne Boleyn... And I thank you for your congratulations anyway.