20 April 2008

before, during, after

Still a bit more to do (that is, edge the right side of the bed), but a huge difference, and now these daylilies have some room to stretch their toes.


  1. What a great job you did! The bed looks really great. The weekends whiz by far too quickly, don't they?

  2. I can just imagine a full bed of gorgeous day lilies *SMILING* at you there !
    Joy : )

  3. Squinting just doesn't help me at all! Were there daylilies there at all, prior to your enlarging the bed? Or did you transplant them after enlarging the bed? I can definitely see the shoots of the new plants in the "after!" :-)
    It's so satisfying, isn't it, each time you do something you know will result in another place of beauty for your own enjoyment, as well as that of others?
    Thanks for the visit. I can't keep up with the blogs I want to visit... there's WAY too much I want to do outdoors! ;-)

  4. ohmygoodness! I should have read your earlier posts!!! I wouldn't have had to ask ANY questions at all. Sorry. You've done a great job and THAT's That! ;-) Speaking of Top Hat and Tails, take a bow!