25 April 2008

2008 bare-root seedling program

Went to the Saratoga County Fairgrounds this morning to pick up the seedlings I ordered a few weeks back: 10 red osier dogwood, 10 common lilacs, and 10 blue spruce. The red osier dogwood I planted this afternoon on the l&s slope. (Also on the slope I moved some Rosa rugosa so that it now forms a cohesive drift, and I divided and transplanted a bunch of Rudbeckia “Goldsturm,” which is settling in next to the catmint I planted last fall. Finally, I cleared out a place for the three Microbiota decussata, who are finally in residence.)

The lilacs I will plant in the lilac thicket, and I’m putting the spruce seedlings on the hill near the balsam firs we planted two years ago.

I’ll be busy tomorrow morning!


  1. Lots of work, but oh, how beautiful it will be! I can picture the silvery grey of those blue spruce blending in perfectly with the green spruce. They'll be outstanding in the winter!

  2. That is one ambitious strike at the planting Jared .. I am in awe !
    I would love to be in the middle of a lilac thicket in full bloom .. the scent would be heavenly !
    Good luck plnating with the little ones !