31 March 2008


Just got my first malicious comment. Someone (or something) named Kijar commented: “See please here,” and I said to myself, clapping my hands in admittedly childish glee, Ooooh! A comment! and then clicked here.

Is that the oldest trick on the Web?

Immediately a new window opened with some fast-moving hoozees in it (or maybe that was a figment of my panicked brain), so I shut down the computer, turned off the Internet connection, and by doing so probably wouldn’t have prevented anything bad from happening to the computer. Silly me.

But I have a Mac, and not many viruses are targeted to Macs, apparently. So maybe I’m safe.

Now to update my antivirus software.

Sheesh. I can’t believe I fell for it: “See please here.” Sheesh.

I feel like I should take a hot shower and scrub really hard to get the dumb off me.

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