29 March 2008

earth hour 2008

Earth Hour is a little more than an hour away, at least in our neck of the woods. I’m going to go downstairs to the basement and cut the power to the house from 8:00 to 9:00 pm this evening along with a lot of other people around the world.

It’s a great idea, if a little gimmicky if all we’re being asked to do is sacrifice one hour of electricity. But it does make me want to consider the effectiveness of shared sacrifice for the benefit of this increasingly messed-up world. Given good leadership, I think anything is possible.

Bring on the good leadership.


  1. How did it go? We don't get it here for another hour and a half.

    I never thought of cutting power to the whole house. However, the idea intrigues me. Especially since I won't be home because I'm picking up friends at the airport. I think it's not a bad idea to make sure now power is being used, not ever those vampire VCRs, stove clocks, etc. And the refrigerator can sure survive an hour.

  2. It went well. B was away from the house until around 9:30 our time, so I extended ours to Earth Hour and a Half. We had a little toast to it when he returned. Then I ran to the basement and pulled the breaker on!

    Nothing spoiled in the fridge, the furnace came back on . . . no problems with turning off the main power.

    When I did it, I went outside with a flashlight to make certain the disk in the meter box had stopped turning. It bothers me that in the normal course of events, even when we turn all the lights off, the little disk is spinning, although very slowly. I guess it's the fridge, the furnace, and the clock radios. I unplugged the television/VCR and stereo, and will probably keep them unplugged until we use them again. No sense in wasting electricity for them!

    I wish you a happy Earth Hour!

  3. Well, I took your suggestion of flipping the main breaker and wound up having a delightful earth 2.5-hours, since M's flight was delayed. I amazed at how little info is in the US press today (as opposed to Canadian and Australian).

    It was encouraging to see that in the city of Perth, more than 1/2 of the residents participated.

    To your original point, it's amazing - but shouldn't be - how much of a difference can be made if people just pay attention to something and actually work together on something.

  4. Glad it was a happy experience for you! B and I are considering tuning out more often. We occasionally do no-media nights; might be nice to do a no-electricity night now and then.

    At the very least it allows us to consider how we might tread a little more lightly.