17 January 2008

buh-bye christmas tree

Last Saturday morning, I took down the Christmas tree. I didn’t want to wait until this weekend, because by Saturday, 19 January, the tree’s presence would feel like a rebuke. Besides, who wants to spend one morning of a holiday weekend undecorating the tree?

What a nice tree we had this year—a fresh, open, and very fragrant Balsam fir. Back in November, when Christmas was still just a blip on the radar screen of the end of the year, B and I decided that we were not going to get a tree, because we wouldn’t be at Pleasant Hill on Christmas Day, it was a lot of trouble, the cats might knock it over this year, et cetera. But then on the Saturday before Christmas he looked at me, and I looked at him, and we got in the car and drove to a tree farm on Route 22. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree in the window, no matter where we were on the day. We used minimal decorations, but lots of lights. It was beautiful.

But it was not so beautiful last Saturday morning. For a fresh-cut tree, it sure dropped a lot of needles. I gathered them all up in a glass mixing bowl and put them on the kitchen table. When I come in the back door now, I get a nice whiff of balsam.

And wow, look at the needles on the floor. Dale looks a little taken aback, doesn’t he?

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