24 January 2008

who knows—

—but that this interlude from "Sesame Street" back in the 1970s is what got me interested in plants.


  1. really?! I can imagine it would teach you something about patience, that's for sure.

    does that mean I got my love of reading signage from here?

    I'm off to see a live performance of Schoolhouse Rock this weekend, and thanks to you, I have Sesame Street on the brain!

  2. Really.

    I remember that little bit so well, and how much I enjoyed it when I watched it.

    Didn't the music touch you at all? I guess it's the German in me. So sentimental.

    As far as the "Sign Song" is concerned, I don't remember it at all! Isn't that odd? And I watched the Electric Company. Funny how those signs that would have been so foreign to an upstate kid like me are now everyday.

    Hope you enjoyed Schoolhouse Rock!

    P.S. Did you like Zoom? "OH two ONE three FOUR: Send it to Zoom!"

  3. Isn't it funny what makes an impression on a kid and what doesn't? I don't remember that video at all. The music is touching, indeed, but it obviously didn't connect with me as a kid.

    Yes, I miss ZOOM, zee double-oh em. I read on Wikipedia that when they came out with the 90s version, they downplayed the oh-two-one-three-four and focused on the E-MAIL ADDRESS! Scandalous. I could never speak ubbi-dubbi, though. I did send away once for the instructions on how to tie-dye a t-shirt. It was very exciting.

    Schoolhouse Rock was really quite fun! I love the way the audience was either in the 35-45 range, or under 10.