12 December 2007

this and that . . .

Just cleaning up a bunch of papers that have gotten way out of control. Am filing all my plant and seed catalogs (and I have a ton now since I sent away for a truckload of them in October) in a magazine holder and putting it by the bed in preparation for late-night browsing this winter.

In the flurry of organizing I came across an index card with the words “Brunnera Langtrees” written on it and did not want to lose track of the name. It is the beautiful forget-me-not-like flower under the lilacs in the spring: Brunnera macrophylla “Langtrees,” and I know that if I don’t type the name here, I’ll be wondering about it next spring.

I knew this particular plant was Brunnera or Siberian bugloss or false forget-me-not, but I didn’t know which kind, because all I ever saw online or in catalogs was ever-more-fancy types with all-white leaves or double rows of white spots on the leaves or whatever, and not my relatively plain variety with leaves that look like they’ve been sprinkled with white paint. So one day I image-Googled “Brunnera” and then clicked on each photo my search retrieved until I found one that had leaves that looked like mine. Simple as pie, and something that wouldn’t have been possible to do, what, ten years ago?!?

Now it is written down for eternity. Here.

And back to the papers.