01 September 2007


Our friend Alan was up last weekend, and he and I surveyed the slope and discussed possibilities. He doesn't much like goldenrod or daylilies, both of which to me are like old friends. So, of course, he suggested I get rid of a good chunk of the goldenrod I've let grow over the past few years over at the southern part of the slope. We'll see. He is now back in the city, but he called yesterday and left a message saying that he'd been thinking and had some ideas he wanted to bounce off of me.

On the possibility list so far are 15-foot-or-so drifts of the following:
What seem to be working right now are the blackberries (we've actually picked a bowlful so far, and more are on the way), the Helianthus "Lemon Queen" (which is colonizing the steepest part of the slope), the Rosa rugosa, and (sorry, Alan) the goldenrod. My goal is to have thick coverage, interesting shapes, and enough order so that I don't feel embarrassed when I look at the slope.

Alan made some good points:
  • I seem completely overwhelmed by it all
  • I can take it slowly; no one is forcing me to do everything at once
  • If I find that an idea isn't working, I can change my mind and move plants around
Now I know all of this, but it was a revelation to hear someone else say it.

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